Monday, September 19, 2011

And so it begins!

The typical college student’s diet consists mainly of the three main food groups: 

1. Cereal
2. PB&J
3. Quesadillas

(*One or all of the above food groups can be replaced or supplemented with Ramen noodles.)

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, this diet is very lacking in the essential areas of color, flavor, and nutrition, and is unable to provide the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to live a fully energized life. We find ourselves caught in a vicious, wearied cycle where by the end of the day we have no energy or time to prepare the very meal full of nutrients that would replenish our supply of energy. Therefore we turn to alternative methods of finding strength, including (but not limited to) carbonated beverages and excess amounts of sugar. 

I personally have found myself in this pattern at many times throughout my college career, while subtly observing others around me who didn’t seem to struggle with the same problem-- incredible roommates, neighbors, and friends who just seem to have everything put together, and always are eating something that causes me to find myself envying them. They put together meals in less time than I typically waste on Facebook every day, and are usually made with simple iingredients that are easy to find and inexpensive, but when combined together create surprisingly simple, yet incredible flavors that leave all partakers satisfied.

I have undertaken the task of discovering these recipes that are just that, Surprisingly Simple. The meals and deserts that wow a crowd, and make people think you’re a much more competent cook than you actually are. 


  1. SO COOL! Do want to/would you put up any suggestions?

  2. THIS BLOG IS GOING TO SAVE MY LIFE!!! Thank you, honey bun!! :) Can't wait for you to actually post suggestions.

  3. This blog is so creative Mur:) I'm super excited to see what other tasty recipes you come up with!!!

  4. Feel free to send in suggestions!