Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ice Cream for Breakfast? Yes please.

Were you allowed to eat whatever you wanted for breakfast as a kid? Don't feel bad if your answer is no. Most moms don’t let their kids have just anything for breakfast--especially ice cream. Traditionally breakfast is supposed to be hot, not frozen.However, traditionally, my family is not very traditional and our favorite breakfast foods involve ice cream. It has always been my favorite food for morning, noon, and night.

Usually I don’t just sit down and have a big ‘ol bowl of ice cream for breakfast. I usually disguise it in something that looks nutritious. The habit started because growing up we would have cream of wheat with ice cream on it. The ice cream stands in for the milk and sugar normal people put on it, but it is twenty million times better. Now that I’m older I just eat it on regular Quick-Oats oatmeal. If you are a fan of hot cereal, or you even like it a little bit, then I recommend trying this. There’s no better way to start the day.

Another way to eat ice cream for breakfast is to put it on your pancakes or waffles. I think this is more common, but still a tantalizing experience for your taste-buds.

This week’s challenge: Have ice cream for breakfast!!! Live a little.

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