Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Under-Appreciated Item of the Week

This week's under-appreciated item is...(drum roll...)


In my professional opinion, Tapatio is the best hot sauce that can be found on this side of the border. You can trust my opinion, because I’ve been around the hot sauce block a time or two. I don’t remember how I was first introduced to Tapatio, but it was true love from the very first instance of taste-bud contact. It has the perfect blend of spice and flavor, and I must warn you, it is addicting. A bottle of Tapatio only costs around $2.00. It is better for you than any other condiment, because it is just spices. So each serving has 0 calories and 0g fat. Therefore substituting it in lieu of your other favorite dressings is an easy way to cinch your belt a little bit.  

Tapatio is more than just a sauce to dip your quesadillas in. Here are some other things that it can enhance:
  • add it to your veggies
  • use as salad dressing
  • use on your sandwiches to make a spicy mayo
  • mix in to your pasta-roni
  • put on scrambled eggs
  • dip your french fries in it
  • pour on potato chips
  • naturally it goes great on traditional things like tacos, nachos, burritos, etc.
  • insert your own clever idea here!
I heart tapatio.